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Code of Ethics

I will read for anyone regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity, or sexual identity. For those clients under the age of majority in their home country I will require a parent or guardian's permission.


I will not provide readings on the private lives of persons not present for the reading. If  you wish to know if an outcome is favorable for a third party in relation to yourself we will discuss the purposes for the reading and what will or will not be permissible at that time.


I do not practice nor entertain the idea of precise predictive readings. I am here to show you the most likely outcome of any given situation. All of which can change based on your own free will and that others which may influence you.


I am not a medical, legal, or psychological professional. I can give you insight and guidance only. If you feel you are ill in any fashion I will recommend you consult with your doctor. If I feel that you are better served by such a professional I will be happy to recommend someone or that you speak to someone in that field.


I believe that unless someone is considering murder, theft, or treason that their affairs are their business. I can simply advise based on what I see in the cards. Some topics may feel off and if they do I will request that the client choose another topic or I will refer them to a different reader for both our sake.


I will not give readings on theft, murder or any subject that invades someone's privacy or inhibits their free will.

I will refer a client to another reader when we are obviously not communicating well for any reason, if the reading feels forced, or if one or the other of us is feeling unheard or unsafe.


I will treat all of my clients with dignity, grace, respect, courtesy, and honesty.

All client information is kept confidential to the full extent the law will allow. I shall not disclose without prior consent in part or in whole any reading unless compelled to by legal action.

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